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New query and DataView metadata feature in 9.10
You can now record information about a query in the metadata section. This can be, for example, the recording author, the version number, or the last modified date of a query. See Defining metadata in a query for more detailed information.
Metadata properties can be specified for a DataView by adding keys with the prefix DataViewDefinition.EXTRA_PARAMS_METADATA_PREFIX to the extraParams dictionary of DataViewAddDefinition when adding the new DataView definition.
A new constant, EXTRA_PARAMS_METADATA_PREFIX, has been added to the ScenarioService API. Any metadata properties that were set as part of a query or DataView definition will appear in the extraParams with this prefix. See the IScenarioDefinition interface in the API Reference for Java (Javadoc) or API Reference for .NET for more information.
Once defined, metadata information about a query can be viewed in the Scenario Browser. The Scenario Browser shows metadata properties for queries and DataViews. Metadata properties are shown on the main panel when the query node is selected.
See also Miscellaneous enhancements and changes in 9.10 for information on irrelevant sections in the Scenario Browser that are now hidden from the main panel.
See also Dashboard enhancements in 9.10 for information on the new "Definition extra params table" which can be used to display metadata (and other extraParams information) in a dashboard.

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