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Apama enhancements in Software AG Designer 10.3
Apama 10.3 includes the following enhancements in Software AG Designer:
*The following connectivity bundle group has been added to Software AG Designer:
*Cumulocity IoT. This was also delivered with as a standalone bundle. See also Adding the Cumulocity IoT connectivity plug-in to a project.
*The following EPL bundles have been added to Software AG Designer:
*Event Definitions for Cumulocity 9.0+. This EPL bundle defines all events that can be used for interacting with Cumulocity IoT. This includes definitions for events that you receive from Cumulocity IoT, events that you can send to Cumulocity IoT, and event APIs that you can use for requesting data from Cumulocity IoT. For more information, see the com.apama.cumulocity package in the API Reference for EPL (ApamaDoc) .
*Utilities for Cumulocity 9.0+. This EPL bundle contains useful utilities for EPL code that is interacting with Cumulocity IoT. For more information, see the com.apama.cumulocity.Util event in the API Reference for EPL (ApamaDoc) .
*Automatic on ApplicationInitialized. For simple applications, you can add this EPL bundle to your project to ensure that onApplicationInitialized is called as soon as the entire application has been injected into the correlator. This is not appropriate in all cases: for more advanced applications where you need to wait for a MemoryStore, database or another resource to be prepared before your application is able to begin to process incoming messages, you should continue to write EPL code to call onApplicationInitialized explicitly instead of using the bundle. See also Sending and receiving events with connectivity plug-ins and Using EPL to send and receive JMS messages.
*JSON Support. The new JSON plug-in requires this bundle for use with Software AG Designer. See also New EPL plug-in for JSON support in 10.3.
These EPL bundles can be found in the Standard bundles node of the New Apama Project and Add Bundle dialogs. See also Adding bundles to projects.
The Cumulocity IoT Event Definitions, Cumulocity Utilities and Automatic on ApplicationInitialized bundles were delivered with, but in that version they were placed in the Connectivity bundles node. In 10.3, they have been placed in the Standard bundles node. In addition in 10.3, the Cumulocity IoT Event Definitions bundle has been renamed to Event Definitions for Cumulocity 9.0+, and the Cumulocity Utilities bundle has been renamed to Utilities for Cumulocity 9.0+.
*The Connectivity and Adapters node and the EPL Bundles node are now created by default when you create an Apama project. You can use these nodes to add connectivity bundles, adapter bundles, and EPL bundles. In previous releases, these nodes were created only after adding a bundle. For more information, see Adding connectivity and adapter bundles to projects and Adding EPL bundles to projects. As part of this change, the following commands have been removed from the context menu which is shown when you right-click an Apama project:
*Apama > Add Connectivity and Adapters
*Apama > Add Bundle
*You can now add Docker support to your Apama project. The following new command is available for this purpose:
*Apama > Add Docker Support
For more information, see Adding Docker support to Apama projects.

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