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Creating new blocks
Creating a block with the block editor
Creating a block from an EPL event definition
Adding EPL code to a block
This section is a brief description of how to create a new block in Software AG Designer. You can create a new block or from an existing event definition in Software AG Designer.
When you create a new block, you should create it in the project's default blocks directory. This directory is found in the project's catalogs directory. The blocks directory has a name in the form project_name blocks. So, for example, the default block directory of a project named My_Project will be catalogs\My_Project blocks. If you place the block in the default block directory, scenarios created in the project will automatically find them and make them available in Event Modeler when you are displaying the scenario.
Note: Event Modeler is deprecated. Support for creating and deploying scenarios will be removed in a future release. It is recommended that you use EPL or queries to build new Apama applications.
*In the Containing folder field, specify the name of the project folder where the block definition file will be located. Click Browse to select a project different from the current project.
*In the Generate block using field, specify how you want to create a new block. The choices are:
*Block editor — Create a new block from scratch. This creates the block's metadata and generates skeleton EPL code.
*EPL event definition — Create a new block based on an existing EPL event definition. This generates EPL code for input or output blocks based on specified event fields.

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