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Creating event definitions from XSD files
You can create event definitions that are based on the structures of elements defined in XSD schema files.
* To create an event definition from an XSD file
1. In the Project Explorer view, right-click the eventdefinitions folder in the project in which you want to create the event definitions and select New > EPL Event Definition.
2. In the New EPL Event Definition dialog, select XSD File and click Next.
3. Enter information in the following fields:
a. The Containing folder field is the folder where the file will be saved. By default, this is the currently selected folder of the current project, but you can select another folder or project using the Browse button.
b. In the File name field, specify the name of the new file. It is recommended that you use TitleCase with the name and that the name does not contain special characters, except for the dollar ($) and underscore (_) characters.
Specifying the .mon file extension is optional as Software AG Designer will add the .mon file extension. Software AG Designer will not let you specify anything except .mon as a file extension.
c. The Package field is optional. Information in this field is an EPL package name.
4. Click Next.
5. On the Select XSD File page of the New EPL Event Definition dialog, click the Browse button to the right of the Schema element/type field. This displays the Type Chooser dialog.
6. In the Type Chooser dialog, specify the file that contains schema's global element that you want to use as the root element on which to base the event definition. Click the browse (...) button to navigate to the file. The drop-down arrow lets you change scope among recent files, local file system, workspace, remote URL, and XML Schema. Select a file and click OK. The Select XSD File page now shows the root element you selected in the Schema element/type field.
7. In the Event definition name field, specify the name you want to assign to the root level event.
8. Click Finish.
An EPL file is created that defines the root level event along with associated nested events.

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