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Taking snapshots
You can capture profiling data at any moment in time by taking snapshots. You can then compare current profiling data to the data represented in a snapshot.
* To take a snapshot
1. In the Execution Statistics view, click the Take Snapshot button []. The Create Snapshot dialog appears.
2. Enter a meaningful name for the snapshot in the Snapshot Name field.
3. Specify the source of the data you want to use to create the snapshot as follows:
*To populate the snapshot with data that the correlator captures at this point in time, select Current correlator.
*To populate the snapshot with data that has previously been stored on disk in a .csv file, select Select from file. This data would typically be collected using the engine_management tool as, for example:
engine_management -r profiling get > myfile.csv
Note, however to be used this way, the .csv file must have been generated using Apama release 5.0.1 or later.
For more information on the engine_management utility, see Shutting down and managing components.
4. Click OK.
In the Comparison of Execution Statistics tab, the baseline columns (labelled "Old") display the data captured in the snapshot and the columns labelled "Diff" are similarly updated to compare the current information with that captured in the snapshot. For more information on managing snapshots, see Using snapshots.

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