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Using snapshots
After you create a snapshot the display on the Comparison of Execution Statistics tab is updated to compare the current data with that captured in the snapshot. You can change this to compare the current data to another snapshot or the default setting that compares the current data to the data seen the previous time the data was refreshed.
* To change the compared sets of data
In the Comparison of Execution Statistics tab, click the Show Previous Snapshots button [].
*If you want to use the data from another snapshot, select the name you assigned to it.
*If you want to return to the profiler's default comparison, select Compare last data.
*If you want to manage your snapshots
1. Select Manage snapshots.
2. Select the name of the snapshot you want to apply or remove.
3. Click OK to apply the snapshot or Remove to remove the snapshot.
*If you want remove all snapshots, select Clear Snapshots.

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