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Sending an event from the Engine Information view
You can send an event from the Engine Information view using the Send Event dialog. You can also send the events using the engine_send tool. See Sending events to correlators.
* To send an event
1. In the Engine Information view, expand Events.
2. Double-click the event that you want to send or click the icon to specify the events to send.
The Send Event dialog appears. If you have clicked the icon, you must provide the event in the Event field.
For example, the following event definition has been defined in a .mon file:

event Measurement {
string deviceId;
sequence<any> measurements;
optional<location> loc;
event Temperature {
string unit;
integer value;
event Speed {
string unit;
integer value;
With the above event definitions, you can specify one of the following events in the Event field:
*Measurement("Carrera_4",[any(Speed,Speed("mph",20)),any(Temperature, Temperature ("celcius",23))],optional((15.23,24.24,19.132,28.83)))
Note: Using the Send Event dialog, you can only send a single event at a time.
3. Optionally, in the Channel field, specify the channel on which monitors are subscribed. An empty string in the Channel field goes to all public contexts.
4. Click OK.

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