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Creating new dashboards
Dashboards provide the ability to view and interact with DataViews. They contain charts and other objects that dynamically visualize the values of DataView fields. Dashboards can also contain control objects for creating, editing, and deleting DataView items. Normally, you add new dashboards after you have substantially developed and tested your application.
You can create dashboards with either the Dashboard Generation wizard or the Dashboard Builder. The wizard allows you to generate simple, default dashboards, customized with your choices regarding basic layout and visualization objects to use. The Builder is a graphical composition tool that gives you fine-grained control over a dashboard's appearance and behavior.
* To create a new dashboard
1. In the Project Explorer view, select the Apama project.
2. In the Project Explorer view or the Workbench Project view, select New > Dashboard from the File menu.
3. In the New Dashboard dialog:
*Click Dashboard Generation wizard to create dashboards using the Dashboard Generation wizard. Enter a name in the Configuration name field. The Dashboard Generation wizard uses this as the name of the new configuration that will be used to generate your dashboards. When you use the wizard, you can accept a default configuration or specify a custom configuration.
*Click Dashboard Builder to create dashboards using the Dashboard Builder.
i. Containing Folder is the folder where the dashboard definition file will be saved; by default this is the dashboards folder of the current project, but you can select another folder using the Browse button.
ii. File name specifies the name of the new definition file. Specifying the .rtv extension is optional as Software AG Designer will add the .rtv file extension. Software AG Designer will not let you specify anything except .rtv as a file extension.
4. Click Finish.
If you have selected Dashboard Generation wizard, the Dashboard Generation wizard appears, and displays the new dashboard-generation configuration. In addition, a new dashboard-generation configuration file (dashboard_generation.xml) appears under the current project's config folder, if one wasn't already present. For information on using the Dashboard Generation wizard, see Generating Dashboards.
If you have selected Dashboard Builder, the name of the new dashboard definition file appears under the current project's dashboards folder. Additionally, the Apama Dashboard Builder tool is opened in a separate window, showing the new dashboard. Using the Dashboard Builder, you complete the dashboard by adding visualizing and control objects, and connecting them to live correlator data. For more information on completing dashboards, see Introduction to Building Dashboard Clients.

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