System Functions

This documentation describes various Natural "built-in" functions for use in certain statements; see System Functions in the Programming Guide.

This documentation is organized under the following headings:

System Functions for Use in Processing Loops Describes Natural system functions which can be used in a program loop context.
Mathematical System Functions Describes the system functions which are supported in arithmetic processing statements and in logical condition criteria.
Miscellaneous System Functions System functions to evaluate the minimum or maximum; system function for field identification; system function to receive the return code from a non-Natural program; system function to convert "incorrectly sorted" characters; system function for lower/upper case translation; system function to remove leading and/or trailing blanks.
Functions Supplied as Natural Objects Describes functions which are supplied as Natural objects to support, for example, URL encoding and Base64 conversion.

See also Example of System Variables and System Functions in the Programming Guide.

The individual mathematical system functions and the functions supplied as Natural objects are not included in the Quick Reference selection box below. You can only select the relevant chapter.

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