What's New in Version 9.1.2

This document covers the following topics:

Basic Functionality for Natural Application Development

This section describes new features and enhancements in NaturalONE's basic functionality for Natural application development. It covers the following topics:

Enhanced RTL Language Support

The support for right-to-left (RTL) languages has been enhanced. In particular, the bidirectional settings such as layout orientation, visual order and Arabic shaping are now maintained on a per-project basis. As such, they can be exported to a Natural project file (.natural) together with the other project properties and persisted in a user's source repository. In addition, these settings are initialized from the current server settings if possible, in order to reduce the time and effort required for configuration.

This is reflected in modified options when setting NaturalONE preferences and/or changing the properties of Natural projects in local mode. Refer to Regional Settings in Setting the Preferences and Regional Settings in section Changing the Project Properties of Managing Natural Projects for further details.

SSL Support

It is now possible to establish SSL-secured connections to Natural Development (NDV) servers (running on version 9.1.2 or above).

This is reflected in modified options when setting NaturalONE preferences and/or changing the properties of Natural projects in local or server mode. Refer to Using SSL for further details.

Support Old Internal Data Area Format

The following only applies when Natural on Linux and Cloud Version 9.1.2 and above or Natural for Windows Version 9.1.2 and above are being used as a development server.

During upload or update to the server, all types of data area sources (local, parameter and global) will no longer be converted into the old internal data format but will be saved as defined with the NaturalONE Source Editor. Therefore the option Support old internal data area format will be ignored. For details refer to Options in section Natural under Setting the Preferences for details.

Customizable Coloring in the Map Editor

It is now possible to customize the colors of specific syntax elements displayed in the map editor. Refer to Map Editor under Setting the Preferences for details.

Natural Tools and Utilities

The list of Natural tools and utilities now also comprises the following:

Tool Platform
Adabas Event Replicator Mainframe
Adabas Online System Mainframe
Adabas Review Mainframe
Adabas Statistics Facility Mainframe
Natural Ajax Demos Windows
Natural Security All
Predict Application Audit Mainframe
Predict Application Control Mainframe
zIIP Statistics Mainframe

A tool is only shown if the corresponding application is installed.

Security Validation

If an entry in the list of Natural tools and utilities derives from an XML member delivered by Software AG (which are named SAG-*.XML), it will only be displayed in the list of tools if Natural Security (if used) allows you to log on to the given library and execute the given command.

Setting Filters

If you add your own tools to the list of the Natural tools and utilities, you may specify filters so that the tool is only listed if certain conditions are met.

For further information, see Extend the List of Tools and Utilities.

Natural for Ajax / Ajax Developer

This section describes new features and enhancements in Natural for Ajax and Ajax Developer. It covers the following topics:

New Ajax Configuration Parameter urlopenstreetmapgeocoder

You can now adapt the third party geocoder URL in the Ajax configuration file if needed.

AUTOCOMPLETE supports limiting the results shown in a drop-down box

The AUTOCOMPLETE control now enables you to limit the results shown in the drop-down box. The AUTOCOMPLETE control now also has a new property maxresults. The FIELD control now has a new property autocompleteresultsref.

DATEINPUT2 with new Properties stylevariant and displayprop

DATEINPUT2 now supports the properties stylevariant and displayprop in the same way as the FIELD control.

New Control REPORT2

The REPORT2 control supports PDF report generation in responsive and non-responsive design. In difference to the REPORT control, it does not require to additionally render the data in the HTML pages.

New Ajax Configuration Parameter maxserverlogage

Automatic cleanup of ServerLog*.log files is now supported. You can configure the maximum storage age of ServerLog*.log files in days in the Ajax configuration file.

Support for editable columns in BMOBILE:SIMPLEGRID

BMOBILE:SIMPLEGRID now fully supports editable columns also on small devices.

ROWTABLEAREA2 supports Export to Clipboard and File

In ROWTABLEAREA2, all or just the selected items can now be copied to the clipboard or exported to a file. See Export to Clipboard and File in the description of the ROWTABLEAREA2 control grid for further details.

ROWTABLEAREA2 supports Icon Bars

ROWTABLEAREA2 supports the new controls ICONBAR, ICONBARLINE, TOCLIPBOARDICON, TOFILEICON and BLOCKSCROLLINGBAR. See Icon Bars in the description of the ROWTABLEAREA2 control grid for further details.

Layout Generation Enhancements

Performance of Layout generation has been improved. Also the analysis of generation errors has been simplified. See the new attribute htmlgeneratorlog in the Ajax Configuration section.

Switch off Server Logging

You can now switch off writing log information to the server log. See loglevel in the Ajax Configuration section.

New Responsive Control BMOBILE:ICONCOL

BMOBILE:SIMPLEGRID now supports icon columns. See BMOBILE:ICONCOL for details.

Responsive Modal Controls

A set of responsive modal controls has been added:





Icon Support in Responsive Controls

Many responsive controls now support icons as values for name/nameprop or as value for other text based properties. For examples see the Natural for Ajax Demos.

Layout Painter - Error Property Selection

On double-click in the Problems view now not only the control but also the erroneous property is selected in Layout Painter.

Ajax Developer Supported in Natural Navigator View

Ajax functionality is now supported in the Natural Navigator View.

Grouping of Objects Supported for Ajax Enabled Natural Projects

The grouping of objects by object type is now also supported for Ajax enabled projects.