Restricted Functionality on Coordinator FDIC

The only functional groups available on the Coordinator FDIC are Maintenance and Retrieval.

You can switch from the Main FDIC to the Coordinator FDIC using the command COORDINATOR in SYSDIC and switch back with the command BACK.

This section covers the following topics:


The following functions are available on the Coordinator FDIC:

  • Display

  • Edit description

  • Edit owner, whereby

    • if parameter Edit owner is set to Force, it does not matter whether the Owner is on the Main or Coordinator FDIC.

  • Edit procedure code of a program

  • Link FI EL

  • Modify, whereby the following restrictions apply:

    • the default passive association cannot be modified

    • if asterisk notation is used to select objects, only objects on Coordinator FDIC are displayed

    • if asterisk notation is used to select Keywords, only Keywords on Coordinator FDIC are displayed, but Keywords from the Main FDIC are also valid.

  • Purge

  • Purge option of function Modify Adabas attributes.

  • Rename: only the object ID can be modified.

  • Select

All other maintenance functions are not available on the Coordinator FDIC.


The following restriction applies:

Attributes of objects on the Main FDIC will not be displayed. For example: If you execute the function Systems with children with child type Program and Systems have already been transferred to the Coordinator FDIC but Programs are on the Main FDIC, only the IDs of the child objects will be displayed but no attributes.