This document covers the following topics:

Introduction Explains the basic concepts of Predict Security and the prerequisites that must be met in order to work with Predict Security successfully.
A glossary at the start of this section contains the most important terms used in this document.
Setting up your Security Environment All the steps required in order to protect your environment with Predict Security.
Natural Security Entities Describes the entities in Predict that can be protected with security definitions in Natural Security.
Security Profiles Describes how access rights are defined in Natural Security.
Handling Protected Objects in Predict Describes in detail how individual Predict functions behave when you try to access protected objects.
Interfaces Interfaces to other Software AG Products.
Protecting Predict Programs with Natural Security How to protect individual Predict system programs using Natural Security.
Protecting External Objects in Predict with Natural Security How to protect Adabas Databases and Files, DDMs, processing rules and Natural source programs using Natural Security.
Protecting Predict with other Security Systems How to protect your Predict environment with Adabas Security, and points to consider when protecting your environment with external security systems such as RACF.