Metadata Administration

To protect metadata administration totally, you must disallow the library SYSDICMA in Natural Security.

You can protect object types, association types and retrieval models with objects -O, -A and -R of NSC external object type PRD-Docu-Object in Natural Security. See Special Object Types. If the user does not have the appropriate ADD, DELETE, MODIFY, or READ access, an error message is given.

In order to execute the metadata administration function Defaults, the user must have EXECUTE access to the object METADATA-DEFAULTS of NSC external object type Prd-Function.

No security checks are performed on the 2-character external names.

This document covers the following topics:


When a new UDE is added in Predict, you can add a definition explicitly in Natural Security or you can use the special function Maintain NSC Definitions > Add NSC Default Definitions to add default definitions for all new UDEs.