This document covers the following topics:

Security Checks for all Comparison Functions

The user needs the following access:

  • READ access to the external object type

The access required to the documentation objects depends on the parameter Update:

  • MODIFY access if Update is set to Y,

  • READ access if Update is set to N

Security checks are performed for all documentation objects that can be entered in the Comparison screen. If a field in the screen is write-protected - for example Current VM - no check is performed for this object.

Comparison functions correspond to display-oriented retrieval functions. Attributes of both documentation and external objects are displayed, which is why READ access is required in both cases. The system behavior depends on whether attributes or restrictions are specified when the function is called.

Function-specific Security Checks

Compare DDM

The lists of programs that use a field that has differences between documentation and implementation call active retrieval functions. As only files to which the user has READ access are compared, no further checks are performed.