This object type, together with object type Node, is used to document remote procedure calls.

An object of type Server documents all programs available on a logical server.

In the predefined Predict metastructure, an interface can have passive and active associations of the following types:

Valid passive association: "Contained in NO" (default passive association)
Valid active association: "Uses PR"

This document covers the following topics:

Server Maintenance Menu

This menu is called with function code M and object code SV in a Predict main menu or with the command MAINTAIN SERVER.

13:54:29             *****  P R E D I C T  *****            2007-05-31
Plan  10                - (SV) Server Maintenance -               Profile HNO

 Function                              Function

 A  Add a Server                       D  Display Server
 C  Copy Server                        L  Link children
 M  Modify Server                      S  Select Server from list
 N  Rename Server                      
 P  Purge Server                       

Function ..............

Server ID .............                                  Attributes....*
Copy ID ...............
Contained in NO ....... 

Restrictions .........*   Profile HNO,used              Association ...*

Command ===>
      Help  Next  Stop  Last  LnkEl Flip  Print Impl  AdmFi SelFi Prof  Main

Parameters not listed here are described under Global Attributes.

Function Enter one of the codes from the menu to execute one of the maintenance functions. These functions are described in the section Maintenance in the Predict Reference documentation.

Add a Server Screen

The following screen is called for function Add a Server. The screens for functions Copy and Modify are similar.

13:29:37             *****  P R E D I C T  *****            2007-05-31
                              - Add a Server -
Server ........... HNO-SV
Contained in NO .* 
Keys ..                                                               Zoom: N

 Server name ......
  Abstract    Zoom: N

Parameters not listed here are described under Global Attributes.

Server ID ID of the server object.
Contained in NO ID of the parent node.
Server name Name of the server must be specified. Up to 8 characters.

Server Retrieval

Only standard retrieval functions are used. See the section Retrieval in the Predict Reference documentation.

Layout of Server Lists

Server lists contain the server IDs and the server names.

13:19:16             *****  P R E D I C T  *****             2007-05-31
                              - List Server -

Cnt  Server ID                        Server name

   1 FST-SERVER                       FST-TEST
   2 HEB-SV                           SERVSERV
   3 HNO-SV1                          server1

Output Options for Server Retrieval

The output options valid for this object type are identical to those for object type Dataspace. See Output Options for Dataspace Retrieval.