Library Structure

Programs that are called by another program are not necessarily in the same library as the calling program: it is possible that they are loaded from a steplib at runtime. An object of type Library Structure documents a structure which describes a runtime or development environment (for example libraries for copy code). The corresponding systems are linked as child objects of type System to the library structure.

In the predefined Predict metastructure, a library structure can have active and passive associations of the following types:

Valid passive association: No predefined association
Valid active association: "Contains SY" (default child)

See also section Steplib Support in the Predict Reference documentation for more information.

This document covers the following topics:

Library Structure Maintenance Menu

This menu is called with function code M and object code LS in a Predict main menu or with command MAINTAIN LIBRARYSTRUCTURE.

13:31:50             *****  P R E D I C T  *****             2007-05-31
Plan   3           - (LS) Library structure Maintenance -          Profile HNO

  Function                              Function

  A  Add a Library structure            D  Display Library structure
  C  Copy Library structure             L  Link children
  M  Modify Library structure           S  Select Library structure from list
  N  Rename Library structure           
  P  Purge Library structure            

Function ..............

Library structure ID ..                                  Attributes....*
Copy ID ...............

Restrictions .........*   Profile HNO,used               Association ...*

Command ===>

      Help  Next  Stop  Last  LnkEl Flip  Print Impl  AdmFi SelFi Prof  Main


The Library Structure Maintenance menu contains only global attributes. These are described in the section General Information in this documentation.

These functions are described in the section Maintenance in the Predict Reference documentation. The function Link children (with association "Contains SY") is described in this section. See Function Link Children - Code L.

Add/Copy/Modify Library Structure Screen

The following screen is called for functions Add/Copy/Modify Library Structure:

09:38:53             *****  P R E D I C T  *****            2007-05-31
                          - Add a Library structure -
Library structure HNO-LS

Keys ..                                                               Zoom: N

  Abstract    Zoom: N

  Additional attributes ..* N          Associations ..* N


The parameters are described under Global Attributes.

Library Structure-Specific Maintenance

Function Link Children - Code L

The following description applies to children of type System linked via "Contains SY".

The link list of the library structure contains the main library and the steplibs. The following rules apply:

  • The first entry in the link list is the main library, the following entries are steplibs.

  • Dummy objects and systems without an implementation pointer for Library are permitted in the link list, but these objects are ignored when the library structure is evaluated for active retrieval function Program using programs and all LIST XREF functions.

Library Structure Retrieval

All retrieval functions for library structures are described in the section Retrieval in the Predict Reference documentation.

Output Options for Library Structure Retrieval

The output options available for this object type are identical to those for object type Dataspace. See Output Options for Dataspace Retrieval.