With Predict objects of type File, file structures can be defined for a wide variety of data storage systems and for use with different programming languages.

In the predefined Predict metastructure, a file can have passive and active associations of the following types:

Valid passive associations:

"Contained in DA"
"Contained in DC"
"Ref. by PR"
"Input to PR"
"Result of PR"
"Is comp. of SY"

Valid active associations:

"Has Fields"
"Has TR"

In addition, Adabas attributes and Vista elements can be defined for Adabas files with function "Attributes of Link" of mode "Contains FI".

Where to Find Detailed Information on Defining Distributed Data Structures

Basic information on attributes of files and how to execute file-specific functions is given in the sections below. If you wish to define data using simple files in a database not accessible via a network, you will find all the required information in the sections below. Additional information needed when defining complex data distribution structures using Adabas Vista or Entire Transaction can be found in the respective sections of the Predict and Other Systems documentation.

The description of object type File is organized under the following headings:

Maintaining Objects of Type File
Adabas Files, File Type A
File Types Conceptual, Standard and Other
SQL File Types
Adabas SQL Server
Adabas D
General SQL File, File Type X
Entire System Server
File-Specific Maintenance
Rippling - Ensuring Consistent Data Definitions
File Retrieval