File Types Conceptual, Standard and Other

    10:36:36             *****  P R E D I C T  *****             2007-05-31
                                    - Add a file -
    File ID ......... FI
    Type ............ Conceptual file
    File number .....
    Contained in DA .
    Keys ..                                                                Zoom: N
    Literal name ........
    Average count .......
    Stability ..........*   Not specified
    Sequence field .....*
    Abstract     Zoom: N

Parameters in database and Sequence field do not apply to files of type Standard and Other.

File ID The ID of the file object.
Type The file type.
File number Files of these types can have a file number from 0 - 99999.
Contained in DA The ID of the database containing the file. See Contained in DA.
Sequence field The function Generate DDM will use this field as the default READ LOGICAL field in the Natural data definition module. For conceptual files for documentation and later use.
Literal name, Average count, Stability Only applicable if you are using Natural Construct. See Natural Construct Parameters.