Maintaining Objects of Type Field

This document covers the following topics:

Field Maintenance Menu

The Field Maintenance menu is called with function code M and object code EL in a Predict main menu or with the command MAINTAIN ELEMENT.

The functions Add a Field and Modify Field can also be called with the editor line command .E when maintaining the field list of a file object.

 17:24:26             *****  P R E D I C T  *****              2007-05-31
 Plan   0                 - (EL) Field Maintenance -              Profile SYSTEM
  Function                              Function                                
  A  Add a field                        R  Redefine field                       
  C  Copy field                         B  Browse through fields of a file      
  M  Modify field                       H  Move field within a file             
  N  Rename field                       L  Link children                        
  P  Purge field                        S  Select field from a list             
  D  Display field                      J  Physical Attributes                  
 Function .........                                                             
 Field ID .........                                  Attributes .........*      
 Belongs to FI ....                                  Files of type ......*      
 Copy field ID ....                                                             
 Copy file ID .....                                                             
 Restrictions ....*   Profile Default ,used          Association ........*      
 Command ===>                                                                   
       Help  Next  Stop  Last  LnkEl Flip  Print Impl  AdmFi SelFi Prof  Main   
Function Executes one of the maintenance functions. The following functions are described in this section: All other functions are described in the section Maintenance in the Predict Reference documentation.
Field ID

See Naming Conventions.

For the Select function:
specifies a field ID which is to be used as a selection criterion. The field ID can be used alone or in combination with the file ID. If this field is left blank, all fields in the specified file(s) are listed.
Asterisk notation is possible.

Belongs to FI

For the Add/Copy/Modify function: file containing the field.

For the Select Field function: File ID is used as a selection criterion, either alone or in combination with the field ID.
Asterisk notation is possible. If this field is left blank, all files are included in the search.

Copy Field ID

Specifies the ID of a field that is added or the position of a field that is copied or moved. See Copy Field.

For functions Add a Field and Move Field within a File: the position of the newly added or moved field. See Add a Field and Move Field within a File respectively.

Files of type For the Select Field function: the scope of the function is restricted to fields in files of the specified type.
Copy File ID Used for function Copy Field to identify the file to which a field is copied. See Copy Field.