Security for Adabas Online Services

Predict/AOS profiles can be added/modified/displayed or purged. See Protecting Adabas Databases and Files in the section Protecting External Objects in Predict with Natural Security in the Predict Security documentation for a description of the concepts and handling this option.

The Security for Adabas Online Services screen is invoked with code S in the Special Functions menu or with the command SPECIAL SECURITY.

13:51:39            *****  P R E D I C T  *****                      2017-05-31
                   - Security for Adabas Online Services -             DDAAOSM3

                      Code    Function
                     ------   ---------------
                       A      Add new Profile
                       D      Display Profile
                       M      Modify Profile
                       P      Purge Profile
                       S      Select Profile
                       ?      Help
                       .      Terminate
                     ------   ---------------

          Enter Code : _____
            File No. : _____   To File No.:
        Database ID  : _____
        Predict-user : ________

  or direct command:
      Help  Menu  Term  S-fi  E-el  M-pr  Print Impl  Let   Flip  Prof  Menu

For more details see the Adabas Online System documentation.