This documentation describes functions normally performed by the Predict administrator to customize and protect a Predict environment.

Predict Defaults Describes the way handling of Predict and Predict functions can be customized using Predict default parameters.
Special Functions Explains the functions available to administrate Predict.
User Exits Describes the user exits that can be used to customize Predict functions.
Predict in Batch Mode Gives an overview of the functions that can be executed in batch mode. Operating system specific information, such as workfiles and additional reports, is provided where required. How to start and finish a Predict/Natural session, and how to enter Predict commands. Sample commands are provided.
Conversion Describes the functions that convert existing Predict data.
Metadata Administration Explains how the Predict metastructure (object and association type definitions) can be extended and modified.
Application Programming Interface Describes the functions provided by the Application Programming Interface (API) to enable direct read/write access to Predict objects of user-defined types.