Mass Delete of Report Listings

This function deletes multiple report listings in one operation.

The Mass delete of report listings screen is invoked with code L in the Special Functions menu or with the command SPECIAL DELETE.

16:59:54                *****  P R E D I C T  *****                  2017-06-07
                       Mass delete of Report listings                          
Report listing ID ....                                                         
Extract ID ..........*                                                         
With update .......... N (Y/N)                                                 
Command ===>                                                                   
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Report listing ID The ID of the report listing to be deleted. Asterisk notation is possible.
Extract ID If an extract ID is specified, the scope of the function is limited to report listing linked to the specified extract.
With update Y Report listings are displayed and deleted.
N Report listings are displayed only.

This section covers the following topics:

Deleting Report Listings in Batch Mode

This function can be executed in batch mode with the command SPECIAL DELETE. Parameters can be entered in positional or keyword form. The table below gives a list of keywords, the corresponding field in the Mass delete of report listings screen and the relative position of the keywords.

Keyword Field Position
RT-ID Report listing ID 1
ET-ID Extract ID 2
UPD With update 3


To delete the report listing EXA-RT linked to extract EXA-ET, code the command:


or in positional form