Delete Old Sets

Delete sets created with the Natural LIST XREF command or Predict Active Retrieval / LIST XREF for 3GL functions.

The Delete Old Sets screen is invoked with function code D in the Special Functions menu or with the command SPECIAL SET.

16:45:40                *****  P R E D I C T  *****                  2017-06-07
Plan   0                     - Delete Old Sets -                               
         All sets created before the date specified will be deleted.           
         To date ............................ 2017-05-31 (YYYY-MM-DD)          
         User ID ............................ XYZ                              
         With delete (Y), only listing (N) .. N                                
         There are          11 set(s) of          2 user(s) to inspect.        
         Enter . to return to menu                                             
            or ? for help                                                      
Command ===>                                                                   
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To date All sets (for the specified user IDs in all libraries) which are older than the date specified here are deleted or inspected. The date must not be later than the current date minus seven days.
User ID Limits the function to data of a specific user or a range of user IDs. Asterisk notation can be used.
With delete (Y), only listing (N) N The sets are only listed.
Y The sets will be deleted.
Default for online mode is N. Default for batch mode is Y to be upward compatible with former Predict versions.

This section covers the following topics:

Deleting Old Sets in Batch Mode

This function can also be executed in batch mode with the command SPECIAL SET. The table below provides a list of keyword, the corresponding field in the Delete Old Sets screen and the relative position of each keyword.

Keyword Field Position
TO-DATE To date (format YYY-MM-DD) 01
USER-ID User ID 02
DELETE Possible values are Y (Yes) and N (No). Default for batch mode is Y. 03

As a protection measure, no TO-DATE is accepted that is later than the current date minus seven days.


To delete sets created before 31 May 2015, code the command: