Defaults Administration

Enter code D in the Metadata Administration main menu to display the Defaults screen. In this screen, you can define the default values to be displayed in the fields Object ID length and Disallowed characters of the Add/Modify object type definition screen (see First Screen).

These values can be checked with Special Function Consistency of Predict > Check naming conventions. See Check Naming Conventions - Code N in the section Special Functions.

    13:28:47             *****  P R E D I C T  *****                     2007-05-31
                                    - Defaults -
                                                       Modified 2007-05-31 at 11:07
                                                             by RBN
    Object ID length ........ 32 (1-32)
    Disallowed characters ... * & F ?
           -     -    Stop   -     -    Flip  Print  -     -     -     -    Main
Object ID length Maximum length for object IDs. Specify a number between 1 and 32.
Disallowed characters Up to 20 characters that are not to be allowed in object IDs can be entered here.