Using API / Subprogram USR4013N

With this subprogram you can maintain sets.

This section covers the following topics:

Calling the Subprogram

Enter command SYSEXT at the Natural prompt. This command invokes the library SYSEXT, which contains various Natural user exits. The following is provided for each user exit:

  • a user exit subprogram (in object form)

  • a sample program (in source form) of how to invoke the subprogram

  • a text member explaining the function of the user exit.

A screen similar to the one below will appear. Page to subprogram USR4013N if necessary.

15:30:21              ***** NATURAL SYSEXT UTILITY *****             2011-05-31
User HNO                            - Menu -                   Library SYSEXT  
Cmd  Source    Interface  Comment                                          Prod
 _   USR2073P  USR2073N   Ping or terminate an RPC server                   RPC
 _   USR2074P  USR2074N   Set new passsword for NSC user in RPC context     RPC
 _   USR2075P  USR2075N   Terminate EntireX Broker Service                  RPC
 _   USR3001P  USR3001N   List Roll Server Directory Entries                NAT
 _   USR3002P  USR3002N   Delete Roll Server Directory Entries              NAT
 _   USR3004P  USR3004N   Clear internal Fast Locate Table                  NAT
 _   USR3005P  USR3005N   Process documentation objects                     PRD
 _   USR4013P  USR4013N   Maintain Predict List Xref Sets                      PRD

Enter a question mark in the Cmd column to display a list of possible actions. Enter D in this column to display a description of this subprogram.