PAC/PAA Installation

This documentation describes step-by-step how to install Predict Application Control (PAC) and Predict Application Audit (PAA) under the following operating systems:

  • BS2000

  • VM/CMS

  • z/OS

  • z/VSE

The steps to be taken depend on whether you are performing a first-time installation or an upgrade of a previous version.

This documentation is organized in a number of documents containing the following information:

Introduction Gives a brief outline of the different types of installation possible with the current version of PAC/PAA.
General Information Describes product prerequisites, use of System Maintenance Aid (SMA) and gives information about the installation jobs and procedures.
General Installation Steps Lists the contents of the installation tape and describes how to copy its contents to disk (depending on your respective operating system).
First-Time Installation Describes installation steps required to install PAC/PAA in an environment where they were not installed before.
Conversion Installation Describes installation steps required to convert a previous version of PAC/PAA to the current version.
Customizing PAC and PAA Describes the customization of PAC and PAA. Also described is how to install PAC utilities in an environment not under PAC or PAA control.
Establishing a Separate PAA Environment Describes the actions necessary for the first-time installation of Predict Application Audit (PAA) and the steps required to establish a separate or additional PAA production environment to be served by a single PAC 2.6.1 system.
Sample Jobs Lists sample jobs for customization purposes.