Network Maintenance

This section provides information on how to define, maintain, control and monitor job networks.

Job networks are maintained on the master database which stores all user, job network, job and scheduling definitions. It also contains all information pertaining to defined logical conditions, resources, calendars, and symbol tables. All information stored on the master database can be maintained online.

For information on all definitions made at the job and event level, see the section Job Maintenance.

Use of Job Networks
Job Network Maintenance
Maintaining Job Network Definitions Maintaining Job Network Versions

Viewing and Maintaining a Job Network Diagram

Maintenance Functions for Job Network Definitions
Adding a Network Definition
Displaying a Network Definition
Modifying a Network Definition
Applying Network Defaults to Jobs (Mass Update)
Copying Job Network Definitions
Deleting a Job Network
Control and Monitoring Functions for Job Networks
Displaying Next Network Starts - Next Activations
Activating a Job Network Manually
Checking for a Loop in a Job Network
Listing Usable Symbol Tables
Listing Active Jobs
Displaying Logged Information - Browse Log Function
Displaying the Network Execution History

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