Installing Entire System Server (NPR) on Windows

Entire System Server (NPR) is installed using the Software AG Installer which you download from the Software AG Empower website at

This documentation provides product-specific instructions for installing Entire System Server (NPR) on UNIX and Windows. It is intended for use with Using the Software AG Installer. That guide explains how to prepare your machine to use the Software AG Installer, and how to use the Software AG Installer and Software AG Uninstaller to install and uninstall your products. The most up-to-date version of Using the Software AG Installer is always available at (Empower login required).

This documentation is organized under the following headings:

System Requirements Supported operating system platforms and prerequisites.
Important Information Important information that you should be aware of before you start the installation.
Installing Entire System Server (NPR) How to install Entire System Server (NPR) with the Software AG Installer.
Structure and Usage of the npr.ini File Defining the behaviour of a server process.
Completing the Installation How to proceed after the installation.
Entire System Server (NPR) Directory Structure A description of the Entire System Server (NPR) directory structure after the installation.
Handling of EntireX Broker Error Codes An overview of EntireX Broker Error Codes.
Product Operation: Windows Service Usage Information for running Entire System Server (NPR) under Windows.
Using nprwinservice to Maintain Windows Services of Entire System Server Information on how to use nprwinservice under Windows.
Notes on Solved Issues for 2.1.12 Solved Issues.

For important last-minute information, see the readme file that is provided with Entire System Server (NPR). You can find it in the Entire System Server (NPR) product documentation at (Empower login required).

Entire System Server (NPR) is using the user ID to connect and to get the data from the operating system, the data storing depends on the customer using Entire System Server (NPR) and logging feature using any script. For a customer to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in case a user wants his data to be deleted then there should be provisions to do so otherwise logging can be avoided.