Entire Event Management 2.2.1 Release Notes

These Release Notes inform you of the enhancements and new features that are provided with Entire Event Management Version 2.2.1 and covers the following topics:


With the release of Entire Event Management 2.2.1, versions older than 2.1.2 can no longer be supported. Entire Event Management 2.2.1 is currently only available for the z/OS platform. Support for other operating systems will be included in the next SM level.

Enhancements and New Features

Implemented Changes and Enhancements

All solved problems of version 2.1.2 are included in this release.

New Features

  • Compatibility with Natural 4.1

  • Support for new CONSOLE fields

Compatibility with Natural 4.1

The Natural components of Entire Event Management have been catalogued under Natural 4.1.

Support for new CONSOLE fields

Entire System Server 3.3.2 provides several new fields in the CONSOLE view, including



These two fields are retrieved by the Entire Event Manager server and made available to the message id exit. The message id exit can then use them to construct a message id for this message, if required. The new interface is shown in the supplied YMSGID in library SYSNCLSV. Please note that the new interface is backwards compatible - that is, you do not need to recompile your existing message id exits unless you want to take advantage of the new fields.

Migrating from Previous Versions

Migrations from versions earlier than 2.1.1 are not supported.

Before attempting to migrate, ensure that the Entire Event Management Monitor is inactive. Use the job examples in your job library file as templates.

Migration of existing data is only required when migrating from version 2.1.1.

For a detailed migration description, see Installation Procedure in the Installation and Customization on Mainframes documentation.

Menu Program

The MENU program has been replaced by MENUNCL in the library SYSNCL. MENU can still be invoked, but it resides in the library SYSSAT, from where it invokes the product-specific menu program. In environments with Natural Security, SYSSAT is always a steplib for SYSNCL, so that MENU will be found in SYSSAT.

In a non-security environment, this may cause a problem when Entire Event Management is initially invoked. You should, therefore, perform one of the following changes:

  • Copy MENU from SYSSAT to SYSNCL.

  • Change the direct invocations of MENU to MENUNCL.