Natural Construct Transform-Browse Model

This documentation describes the Transform-Browse model. This model transforms an existing browse module (generated by the Browse, Browse-Select, Browse-Select-Subp, or Browse-Subp model) into object browse modules (generated by the Object-Browse series of models). The object browse modules retain the functionality of the original browse module and can be used with a terminal screen.

Using Natural Business Services, you can create business services from the transformed object browse subprogram and then use NaturalONE to create Web services or client proxy classes.

The Transform-Browse model does not transform helproutine modules (modules generated by the Browse-Helpr or Browse-Select-Helpr models).

This documentation is organized under the following headings:

Introduction Provides an overview of the Transform-Browse model. It contains information on naming conventions for the generated object browse modules, coding conventions for key fields used by the browse, and PF-key and action styles for transformed modules.
Tips and Techniques Provides tips and techniques when using the Transform-Browse model.
Specification Parameters Describes the Standard Parameters panel for the Transform-Browse model.
Technical Information Provides internal information on the Transform-Browse model.