Roles and Prerequisites

This section describes the roles of different users and helps new users understand which prerequisites are required for each business service activity. It covers the following topics:

General Information

With all the functionality and components of Natural Business Services, it is important to understand which components are required for your scenario. Every development activity requires the Business Service repository and the Administration subsystem and every consumer requires an existing business service. All business services are created using NaturalONE's Service Development plug-in.

At a high level, the minimum tasks required to produce a viable business service are:

  1. Install Natural Business Services on the server.

  2. Install NaturalONE - including EntireX and the Service Development plug-in - on the client.

  3. Ensure connectivity exists through EntireX and Natural RPC.

  4. Ensure security is set for users and the development environments.

  5. Create the business service.

  6. Using NaturalONE, consume the business service through the creation of Java and Web service clients.

  7. Invoke the business service through one of the consumers.


The following table describes the prerequisites required for each business service activity.

Activity Natural Business Services NaturalONE EntireX Java Runtime
Create a business service with NaturalONE   X X X
Create a Java application or Web service X X X  
Execute a Java application X   X X
Execute a Java Web service X   X X

Types of Security Available with EntireX RPC

The following types of security are available when using the EntireX communication middleware:

Security Type Description
NONE Uses no security.
NSC Uses Natural Security to validate users and check library access. (Natural Business Services definitions are used to check authorizations.)

As most sites have both a production and development environment, the decision about which type of security to use can be postponed for a while (although you must eventually choose a security type). See also Defining Users and Security Groups in Natural Business Services Administration.

For more information on using Natural RPC with Natural Security, see Natural RPC (Remote Procedure Call) in the Natural documentation for the appropriate platform.