This documentation describes the installation of Natural on a UNIX platform. This also includes the installation of related products such as Natural Development Server and Natural Security.

The Natural installation consists of two major steps:

  • In the first step, Natural makes use of the Software AG Installer (for further information see Installing Natural), which you download from the Software AG Empower website at

  • In a second step, when the installation is finalized, some configuration is required which is done using the SYSPCI utility. This configuration step is mandatory. If this step is not executed, the products may start, but do not function properly. See Completing the Installation for further information.

This documentation provides product-specific instructions for installing Natural. It is intended for use with Using the Software AG Installer. That guide explains how to prepare your machine to use the Software AG Installer, and how to use the Software AG Installer and Software AG Uninstaller to install and uninstall your products. The most up-to-date version of Using the Software AG Installer is always available at (Empower login required).

This documentation is organized under the following headings:

What Can be Installed With Natural? General information on Natural and the components that can be installed with Natural, on Natural Security, and on the required license files.
System Requirements Supported operating system platforms and prerequisites.
Important Information Important information that you should be aware of before you start the installation.
Installing Natural How to install Natural (including Natural Development Server, the Natural Web I/O Interface server and the ApplinX interface) and Natural Security with the Software AG Installer.
Completing the Installation How to proceed after the installation.
Activating the Natural Buffer Pool on UNIX Describes the procedure which is used to activate the buffer pool during system startup.
Activating Natural Development Server on UNIX Describes the procedure which is used to activate Natural Development Server during system startup.
Activating the Natural Web I/O Interface Daemon on UNIX Describes the procedure which is used to activate the Natural Web I/O Interface during system startup.
Building a Natural Docker Image Describes how to use scripts provided by Natural to build a Docker image and run Docker container for Natural or Natural Development Server (NDV) with or without Natural Security (NSC).
Uninstalling Natural How to uninstall Natural.

For important last-minute information, see the readme file that is provided with Natural. You can find it in the Natural product documentation at (Empower login required).