Starting and Terminating Natural Studio

This document covers the following topics:

It is also possible to start and terminate a Natural batch session. See Natural in Batch Mode in the Operations documentation.

Starting Natural Studio

When Natural is installed, an entry for starting Natural is automatically added to the Windows Start menu.

When Natural has been installed in an environment protected by the Windows firewall and can therefore not be started, see Using the Windows Firewall with Natural in the Operations documentation.

Start of instruction setTo start Natural Studio

  • From the Windows Start menu, choose All Programs > Software AG > Tools > Natural n.n.

    The Start menu group name (by default, this is "Software AG") can be changed during the installation.

    Natural Studio, the development environment for Natural, appears. The toolbars and windows are placed at the same positions as when Natural Studio was left the last time. See Elements of the Natural Studio Window for further information.

    When you have previously worked in a remote development environment and have therefore collapsed the node for the local environment, the local environment also appears collapsed when you restart Natural Studio.

    When Natural Security is active, all definitions made in Natural Security have an influence on Natural Studio. Thus, the use of specific libraries, objects, commands and other features may be restricted to specific users only.


  1. You can set up your own environment by specifying dynamic parameters when starting Natural Studio. See Dynamic Assignment of Parameter Values in the Operations documentation.
  2. When Natural Studio has already been started, you can also set session parameters for the current session. See Using Session Parameters.
  3. While Natural Studio is loaded, the Natural startup map is displayed informing you about the loading progress. See also Suppressing the Natural Startup Map.

Terminating Natural Studio

When you terminate Natural Studio, the positions of the toolbars and windows are stored.

Start of instruction setTo terminate Natural Studio

  • From the Object menu, choose Exit.

    Choose the following toolbar button:

    Toolbar button

    Press ALT+F4.

    From the Control menu, choose Close.

    Choose the corresponding standard button at the right of the title bar.

    Enter the system command FIN in the command line.

    Execute a program that contains a TERMINATE statement.

Termination methods can also be defined with the Configuration Utility. See also Program Loading and Deletion in the Overview of Profile Parameters section of the Configuration Utility documentation.

Suppressing the Natural Startup Map

You can suppress the display of the Natural startup map. To do so, create a shortcut on your desktop for starting Natural Studio and change its properties. To suppress the startup map, specify a colon (:) after natural.exe in the Target text box. For example:

C:\SoftwareAG\Natural\Bin\natural.exe :