TRANSP - Server Transport Protocol

This Natural profile parameter specifies which server transport protocol is used. If ACI is used, you can additionally specify the transport method.

The use of TRANSP is no longer required as you may now specify the full node name with SRVNODE. It is still supported for compatibility reasons.

Possible settings ACI ACI is used. The transport method is defined by the EntireX Broker.
(ACI,TCP) ACI is used with TCP/IP.
(ACI,NET) ACI is used with Entire Net-work, i.e. using the Adabas protocol.
(ACI,TCP-NET) Trying to use ACI with TCP. If not available, ACI is used with NET.
(ACI,NET-TCP) Trying to use ACI with NET. If not available, ACI is used with TCP.
Default setting ACI  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no  


  1. TRANSP is specified on the server side only.
  2. For information on Natural RPC, see the Natural RPC (Remote Procedure Call) documentation.