SRVNODE - Name of Node

This Natural profile parameter specifies the name of the node upon which an RPC server registers.

Possible settings 1 - 192 characters Node name.

In case of an EntireX Broker node, a node name refers to a TCP/IP address. For details about the structure of node names and their support by the EntireX Broker stubs, refer to the EntireX documentation.

See Examples.

Default setting none  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no  


  1. SRVNODE is specified on the server side only.
  2. For information on Natural RPC, see the Natural RPC (Remote Procedure Call) documentation.


The examples below are based on the EntireX notation.

SRVNODE=PCBROKER                           /* host name for a TCP/IP address */
SRVNODE=’’          /* TCP/IP address with port number */
SRVNODE=’tcpip://’            /* host name with port number */


  1. If a host name is used for the TCP/IP address, the name must either be known to your DNS server or it must be defined in the hosts file of your TCP/IP configuration.
  2. If the port number is omitted, either a default port number is used by the EntireX Broker stub or a host name must be used, and the host name must be known to your DNS server or must be defined in the services file of your TCP/IP configuration.