DU - Dump Generation

This Natural profile and session parameter determines whether a disassembled object code dump is to be generated.

Possible settings ON

When one of the system commands CHECK, STOW, CATALOG, RUN or CATALL is executed, a disassembled object code file is produced.

This dump file is written into the directory which is defined in the Natural TMP directory option in the Natural Configuration Utility; see Local Configuration File, Installation Assignments.

The name of this dump file consists of the source file name and the extension .DIA. If the source file has not been saved, the name of the dump file is GEN.DIA. If the program contains database access statements, dump files with the extension .ADA (for Adabas) or .SQL (for SQL databases) are also created. If XREF data are generated, a dump file .XRF is created.

DU=ON may create a large dump file (depending on the size of the source file), which can cause significant degradation in system performance.

OFF No dump file is generated.
Default setting OFF  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session yes  
Applicable statements SET GLOBALS  
Applicable command GLOBALS  

Within a Natural session, the profile parameter DU can be overridden by the session parameter DU.