CATALOG [object-name [library-id]]

Related commands: SAVE | STOW.

This command is used to catalog (compile) the source code currently in the work area of a Natural editor and (if the syntax has been found to be correct) store the resulting cataloged object in the current Natural system file.

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The CATALOG command cannot be used if the profile parameter RECAT has been set to ON; in this case, use the STOW command to compile and store the object.


If you do not specify an object-name, the object is cataloged in the library under the name of the object last read into the source work area (for example, with EDIT or READ).

CATALOG object-name

A new object is created. As object-name, you specify the name under which the new object is to be cataloged. It is stored in the current library. If the object exists, the command is rejected.

CATALOG object-name library-id

If you want the new object to be cataloged into another library, you must specify the library-id of that library. If the object exists, the command is rejected.

If an FDIC system file is specified in the parameter file which is not valid, Natural will display an appropriate error message when the CATALOG command is issued.