DFS - Specify RPC Client's Default Server Address

This Natural profile parameter can be used to define an RPC default server address by specifying up to 5 positional subparameters.

Possible settings See DFS Parameter Syntax.
Default setting none Subparameter defaults, see DFS Parameter Syntax.
Dynamic specification yes See below.
Specification within session yes At runtime, this value can be overwritten using the Natural application programming interface USR2007N.
Application programming interface USR2007N See Application Programming Interfaces for Use with Natural RPC in the Natural RPC (Remote Procedure Call) documentation and SYSEXT - Natural Application Programming Interfaces in the Utilities documentation.


  1. DFS is specified on the client side only.
  2. DFS determines the server name, the server node, the logon indicator and the transport protocol. The default server address will be used only if no appropriate server is found in the service directory. For further information, see Specifying RPC Server Addresses in the Natural RPC (Remote Procedure Call) documentation.

DFS Parameter Syntax

The parameter syntax is as follows:



Syntax Element Value Explanation
server-name 1 - 32 characters Valid server name. See also parameter SRVNAME.

There is no default, the value must be specified.

server-node 1 - 192 characters Node name. See also parameter SRVNODE.

There is no default, the value must be specified.

logon-indicator L The client initiates a Natural logon to the server with the library name of the current library on the client. On Windows platforms: Instead of specifying L, check the selection box.
  (blank) Blank means that no server logon will be executed. If nothing is specified, this is the default.
transport-protocol-name ACI The transport protocol to be used. ACI is the only possible value and the default.
service-directory-indicator SERVDIR A service directory must be present before the DFS profile parameter is evaluated.
NOSERVDIR No service directory is used before the DFS profile parameter is evaluated; that is, a service directory needs not be available on the client side.

If nothing is specified, SERVDIR is the default.