This documentation, which is complemental to the Using Natural Studio documentation, explains how to debug Natural applications. It is organized under the following headings:

General Information About the debugger which is integrated in Natural Studio. Information on remote debugging.
Starting and Leaving the Debugger Information on the GPGEN parameter. How to start, restart and leave the debugger.
Elements of the Debugger Information on additional elements which are available in the Natural Studio window when the debugger has been started.
Moving through the Code How to execute the code by stepping through it or by going to breakpoints, watchpoints, events or to the cursor position.
Setting Breakpoints and Watchpoints How to add breakpoints and watchpoints, and how to manage them in the break- and watchpoints window.
Modifying and Watching Variables How to modify a variable, how to add watchvariables, and how to manage the variables in the variables window.
Using the Call Stack How to manage the objects in the call stack window.