Display Sorted Extract

This function generates a sorted excerpt of 50 directory entries of Natural objects currently loaded in the buffer pool. This list can be used for evaluation purposes, such as determining the objects to be marked as resident or to be included in a preload list as described in the relevant section.

Beginn der Anweisungsliste To invoke Display Sorted Extract

  • In the SYSBPM Main Menu, enter function code X and, in the Object Pool field, specify the type of pool by choosing B (buffer pool) or C (BP cache).

    The Specify Sort Criteria window appears. In the input fields, enter any of the codes below to choose a column and the order by which to sort the statistics columns:

    Sort Value
    O ObjSize = Object Size. This is the default.
    T TotalUC = Total Use Count. See the description of BP Total Use in Directory Information.
    L BP Last Action (only applicable to the buffer pool). The date and time when the objects were last used by an application.
    Sort Order
    D Descending order. This is the default.
    A Ascending order.

    Use the SYSBPM direct command SORT or SORT BPC as described in the section SYSBPM Direct Commands.

    The BP Extract screen appears which indicates the sort criteria specified.

The BP Extract screen is similar to the List Objects screen. For explanations of the columns and the commands that apply, refer to List Objects.