Batch Processing

The functions provided by the SYSBPM utility can also be executed in batch mode.

For this purpose, we recommend that you use the SYSBPM Application Programming Interface USR4340N or USR0340N described in the section Application Programming Interfaces.

You can also use the SYSBPM utility in batch by simulating the online input command sequence.

Since SYSBPM uses functionality of the Software AG Editor, when writing your batch job, observe the following instructions:

  • Set the profile parameter EDPSIZE. As an alternative, set the profile parameter BPI with TYPE=EDIT for the Software AG Editor buffer pool and define the editor work file in the batch job.

  • Note that the field Code is not available on every SYSBPM screen.

  • Note that you may have to skip input fields in order to position the cursor in the Command line input field for entering direct commands.

  • Simulate PF keys by using the terminal commands %K to navigate through the SYSBPM utility. For example, use %K3 to leave the List Objects screen.

  • Use the continuation character defined with the session parameter CF (default is %) to enter more than one line of input for a map.

Listed below are the topics and Natural documentation sources that refer to the instructions mentioned above.

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