CICS 3270 Bridge Support

This Dokument of the Natural CICS Interface documentation describes the CICS 3270 Bridge support.

The following topics are covered:

Default Support of CICS 3270 Bridge

By default, the Natural CICS Interface supports the CICS 3270 Bridge by being able to deal with "bridged devices", that is, terminals which are emulated via a CICS 3270 bridge exit.

Full CICS 3270 Bridge Support

If you want full CICS 3270 Bridge support, you have to install the NCI source module NCIXFATU. Refer to the corresponding installation step in Installing Natural CICS Interface on z/OS or Installing Natural CICS Interface on z/VSE in the Natural Installation documentation.

NCIXFATU - NCI Source Module

The NCIXFATU module actually is a CICS XFAINTU Global User Exit (GLUE). Its purpose is to release Natural resources in case the bridge facility's keep-time has expired and an associated Natural session has not been terminated yet.

The NCIXFATU module provides the same functionality for Natural as a Node Error Program (NEP) provides for "real" terminals.

Profile Parameter DSC=OFF Recommended

When you are using the CICS 3270 Bridge, you are recommended to start a Natural session with profile parameter DSC=OFF (data-stream compression for 3270-type terminals disabled) to force Natural always to send full screens rather than the delta to the previous screen.