Natural Version 9.1.2 Release Notes

This document provides a brief summary of the changes and enhancements that have been introduced in Natural Version 9.1.2 for Mainframes and the Natural add-on products released with this version.

Revised and updated documentation sets are available with this version.

The release notes for all currently supported versions of Natural for Mainframes are provided in Previous Release Notes.

Supported Environments

Operating Systems
TP Monitors/Online Interfaces
Database Management Systems
IBM z/OS Authorized Code Scanner (zACS)
Authorized Services Manager and Roll Server

Available and Supported Software AG Product Versions

Product Availability and End of Maintenance
Overview of Natural Add-On Product Versions
Software AG Product Versions Supported by Natural

Installation and Compatibility

License File
Changes to Installation

New and Changed Features of Base Natural

Operations and Performance
Unicode and Code Page Support
System Commands
Profile and Session Parameters
Application Programming Interfaces

New and Changed Features of Natural Version 9.1.2 Add-On Products

Natural Development Server
Natural ISPF
Natural RPC (Remote Procedure Call)
Natural Security
Natural for zIIP

Enhancements of Natural Add-on Products for Special Natural Version 9.1.2 Features

Natural CICS Interface
Natural Com-plete/SMARTS Interface
Natural for DB2
Natural SAF Security

Dropped Features

Features Dropped with this Natural Version
Features Dropped with a Future Natural Version

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