Natural sessions under TSO can store reports on the spool file.

To do so, specify FSPOOL=(nnnnn,fffff) and the printers to be used by Natural Advanced Facilities with either the NTPRINT macro or the PRINT parameter (see the Natural Parameter Reference documentation).

The reports can subsequently be routed by the operator to remote terminal printers.

Since the NATSPOOL spool server under CICS or IMS TM is not started by TSO, one of the SYSPOOL start functions (see Function 10 and Function 11) must be executed from within a Natural session under CICS or IMS TM. This means that in general, reports created under TSO are not printed automatically on CICS or IMS TM terminal printers. However, if the spool server is already active, reports that are created under TSO are also printed if they have the same Destination/Form as the report which has ONPR status.

In order to use NATSPOOL under TSO, the NATSPOOL nucleus NAFNUC must be link-edited to the Natural/TSO module.

The TSO user ID is taken as the Sending User ID.

If the spool file is an Adabas file, NATSPOOL can be invoked under CICS or IMS TM and under TSO concurrently.