This section describes the parameters that can be specified for a function in the SYSERR main menu. Any restrictions that apply to the use of parameters with a particular function are described in the section Functions.

Message Type

Specifies the type of message to be processed. The table below lists the message types available:

Type Explanation
NS Natural system short messages
NL Natural system long messages
US User-defined short messages
UL User-defined long messages


Specifies the library for which messages are to be created or maintained. The specification of a library is not required when accessing Natural system messages (Message types NS and NL); any input values in the Library field are ignored.

Message Number

Specifies the first and last number of a message range. The maximum message number for a library and language is 9999. The message number 0000 is not allowed. To specify only one message number, either enter the number of the message in the left Message number field and clear the right field, or enter the number in both fields.

Language Codes

Specifies a maximum of 9 from 60 language codes available. The language codes are single alphanumeric characters in the ranges 1 - 9, A - Z and a - y. To view or select language codes, enter a question mark (?) in the first position of the Language codes field and press ENTER. For more information, see the system variable *LANGUAGE in the System Variables documentation.