Natural User Access Method for Print and Work Files

This document describes the Natural User Access Method which is an interface for third party vendor products for Natural print and/or work file support.

This section covers the following topics:

NATAMUSR Module Description

The NATAMUSR module provides an exit interface (entry point NATAM9EX) for software vendors to handle Natural print and work files, that is, it actually consists of two parts:

  • the Natural User Access Method stub NATAMUSR delivered with Natural and

  • the Natural User Access Method exit NATAM9EX delivered by a software vendor.

NATAMUSR Module Installation

The NATAMUSR module (with the access method exit) may be installed in one of the following ways:

  • linked to the environment-independent nucleus,

  • linked to the environment-dependent nucleus,

  • linked to an alternative Natural parameter module (as loaded via profile parameter PARM),

  • linked as a separate module; in this case, the following Natural profile parameters are required:


    where xxx is the name of the separate module in the load library.

The environment-independent nucleus and the environment-dependent nucleus are described in Natural Nucleus Components for z/OS, z/VSE and BS2000 in the Natural Installation documentation.

Invoking the Third Party Product

Start of instruction setTo invoke the third party product for Natural print and/or work file processing

  • Specify AM=USER for the relevant files (see also NTPRINT and NTWORK).

For details about the Natural User Access Method exit installation and other information about the third party exit handler, refer to the documentation of the relevant software vendor.