PARM - Alternative Parameter Module

This Natural profile parameter specifies an object module containing profile parameter definitions.

Possible settings 1 - 8 characters Module name.
Default setting none  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no  


  1. These definitions are coded using the various macros as described under Building a Natural Parameter Module in the Operations documentation. The macros are then assembled, resulting in an object module whose name is specified by the user.
  2. When the PARM parameter is specified (either in the linked Natural parameter module or as a dynamic parameter at Natural session start), the appropriate object module is loaded and the profile parameter definitions contained therein take effect. The parameter module is loaded dynamically from the steplib.
  3. Under CICS, a PPT entry is required for this parameter module.
  4. Under BS2000, z/OS batch mode and TSO, the current steplib can be defined by profile parameter LIBNAM.
  5. Any profile parameter definitions in effect before the PARM parameter is processed (for example, definitions contained in the linked parameter module or prior dynamic parameters), except the profile parameters ISIZE and NUCNAME, are overridden when the specified parameter module is loaded. Therefore, any dynamic parameters should be specified after the PARM specification.
  6. The profile parameters ISIZE and NUCNAME are ignored if specified in an alternative Natural parameter module.
  7. To restrict the use of an alternative parameter module, you can use the macro NTUSER (described in the USER profile parameter description).