This documentation describes the Natural programming language statements. It is organized under the following headings:

Syntax Symbols and Operand Definition Tables Information on the symbols that are used within the diagrams that describe the syntax of Natural statements and on operand definition tables.
Statements Grouped by Function Provides an overview of the Natural statements ordered by functional groups.
Statements in Alphabetical Order Descriptions of the statements (except SQL statements) in alphabetical order. The Quick Reference selection box below is provided for quick access to all statements.
Natural SQL Statements Describes specific statements that can be used in Natural programs to maintain data contained in an SQL database.
Referenced Example Programs Contains additional example programs that are referenced in the Natural statements and system variables reference documentation.

Generally, the example programs shown in the statement descriptions are written in structured mode. For statements where the reporting-mode syntax differs considerably from the structured-mode syntax, references to equivalent reporting-mode examples are also provided. The example programs are available in source-code form in the Natural library SYSEXSYN. Further example programs of using Natural statements are documented in the section Referenced Example Programs in the Programming Guide. These example programs are provided in the Natural library SYSEXPG. Please ask your Natural administrator about the availability of these libraries at your site. The example programs use data from the files EMPLOYEES and VEHICLES, which are supplied by Software AG for demonstration purposes.

See also the Programming Guide for statement usage related topics such as: User-Defined Variables | Dynamic and Large Variables, Introduction, Usage | User-Defined Constants | Report Specification | Text Notation | User Comments | Rules for Arithmetic Assignment | Logical Condition Criteria | Function Call

Notation vrs or vr

When used in this documentation, the notation vrs or vr represents the relevant product version (see also Version in the Glossary).

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