Using Natural

This documentation introduces you to the usage of Natural in a mainframe environment.

The instructions and methods described in this documentation relate to the default standards as delivered with the original Natural software. They are not a comprehensive description of all features provided by Natural. For a full description of all options and functions, refer to the related topics mentioned in this documentation.

The layout of the example screens provided in the Using Natural documentation and the behavior of Natural described here can differ from your results. For example, a command or message line may appear in a different screen position, or the execution of a Natural command may be protected by security control. The default settings in your environment depend on the system parameters set by your Natural administrator.

The Using Natural documentation is organized in the following parts:

Invoking and Terminating Natural Sessions Explains how to invoke and terminate a Natural session.
Using Commands and Menu Functions Explains how to execute Natural commands and menu functions.
Natural Online Help Describes the Natural online help functions and the type of help information provided.
Using Natural Libraries Explains the use of a Natural library and how to access, list and maintain libraries.
Maintaining and Executing Natural Objects Describes how to create, edit, maintain, delete and execute a Natural object.
Natural Main Menu Describes the Natural Main Menu and subordinate menus that provide access to development functions, settings, utilities and example libraries.
Print and Work Files Provides information on Natural print files and work files.
Configuring your Natural Environment Describes how to specify Natural parameters to customize a Natural environment and standardize or automate processes.
Rules and Naming Conventions Describes Natural-specific rules and naming conventions.