GLOBALS [parameter=value ...]

This command is used to set Natural session parameters.

This document covers the following topics:

Syntax Explanation

GLOBALS If the GLOBALS command is entered without parameters, a screen appears where you can modify the parameter settings.

Parameter settings can be supplied in any order and must be separated by a blank.

If more parameters are specified than will fit on one command line, several GLOBALS commands must be issued.



List of Parameters

The following table contains a list of session parameters that can be specified with the system command GLOBALS.

Parameters Function
CC Error Processing in Batch Mode
CF Character for Terminal Commands
CPCVERR Code Page Conversion Error
DC Character for Decimal Point Notation
DFOUT Date Format for Output
DFSTACK Date Format for Stack
DFTITLE Output Format of Date in Standard Report Title
DO Display Order of Output Data
DU Dump Generation
EJ Page Eject
FCDP Filler Character for Dynamically Protected Input Fields
FS Default Format/Length Setting for User-Defined Variables
IA Input Assign Character
ID Input Delimiter Character
IM Input Mode
LE Reaction when Limit for Processing Loop Exceeded
LS Line Size
LT Limit for Processing Loops
MT Maximum CPU Time
NC Use of Natural System Commands
OPF Overwriting of Protected Fields by Helproutines
PD Limit of Pages for NATPAGE
PM Print Mode
PS Page Size for Natural Reports
REINP Issue Internal REINPUT Statement for Invalid Data
SA Sound Terminal Alarm
SF Spacing Factor
SL Source Line Length
SM Programming in Structured Mode
THSEPCH Thousands Separator Character
TS Translate Output from Programs in System Libraries
WH Wait for Record in Hold Status
ZD Zero-Division Check
ZP Zero Printing

Interaction with SET GLOBALS and Other Statements


The system command GLOBALS and the statement SET GLOBALS offer the same parameters for modification. They can both be used in the same Natural session. Parameter values specified with a GLOBALS command remain in effect until they are overridden by a new GLOBALS command or SET GLOBALS statement, the session is terminated, or you log on to another library.

Other Statements Influencing the Session Parameter Settings

Some parameter values may be overridden during program execution using the LIMIT, EJECT, and FORMAT statements and by format entries specified in INPUT, DISPLAY, PRINT, and WRITE statements.